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    Wireless compatible Stretchable Gaming Controller For Mobile Phones Android IOS PC Gamepad Joystick Game Control

    1. With ergonomic design and comfortable touch feels. 2. With stretch and shrink function, it can stretch and store mobile phones with different lengths between 135-173mm. 3.Via 5.0 EDR/BLE connection, the controller can connect to mobile phones and other game consoles ,such as PS4, Switch ,PC,etc. 4. Supports ShootingPlus V3 app, which can be downloaded through various mobile application markets. 5. Support Android and Hongmeng HID standard mode, and can play all kinds of games that support HID standard mode. 6. Support systems above Android 6.0 ( ShootingPlus V3 Android mode). 7. Support multiple touch of IOS 10.1 to 13.3.1 systems (shootingplus V3 IOS mode); Support single touch for IOS 13.4 and above systems. 8. Support MFI games for systems above lOS 13.0. MFI games can be downloaded from ShanWan MFi app. 9. PS3/ PS4/ switch game console is supported to play games with Blue/tooth connection, but there is no gyroscope function. 10. Support Blue/tooth connection of windows 10 system laptop and play X-Input games. 11. Support USB wired and can play PC PS3 switch games. 12. The key is equipped with cool LED backlight.

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